ERP software for Four-Year Colleges & Universities

Three Rivers Systems offers ERP solutions for a wide range of higher education institutions, including public and private four-year colleges and universities. Many have a combination of residential and commuter campuses, along with multiple schools and dispersed sites.

Managing the complexities of a baccalaureate institution requires a well-rounded academic management system. From recruiting to online registration to alumni relations, the system has to help institutions do more, while attaining higher standards of effectiveness. Higher education’s new economic reality has had a major impact on colleges and universities, large and small. Savvy administrators at all levels want the maximum productivity and ROI that only CAMS Enterprise delivers.

Four-Year  College & University success stories


“We examined several options and believe CAMS Enterprise offers us what we need in this critical juncture in our renaissance.”

Tom Brookey
Chief Operating Officer
Antioch College

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“CAMS is a system that offers us ongoing opportunities to learn how to work smarter, not just harder.”

Dr. Jeffrey P. Aper
Blackburn College

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“In addition to helping us be more efficient, effective and productive, CAMS Enterprise also gives us easy-to-use, on-demand reporting and sophisticated business analytics tools that allow us to conduct high-level strategic planning for our bright future.”

Kevin Barefield
Director of Information Technology
Blue Mountain College

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“Prestigious international clients like Hult International Business School, The American University of Paris and The Petroleum Institute of Abu Dhabi all had rave reviews about the CAMS product and Three Rivers Systems’ customer support. Now we know why.”

Chris Savard
Chief Information Officer
Canadian University of Dubai

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“CAMS Enterprise has revolutionized our operations. Having one administrative system with all of our information integrated in a single, secure database shared by all departments saves us thousands of hours of staff time each year. CAMS has repaid our investment with tremendous gains in productivity and ROI. With some 15,000 students across 13 campuses, we require the seamless integration and reliable execution that only CAMS Enterprise delivers.”

Shawn Haghighi
Chief Information Officer
Lindenwood University

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“Not only has Three Rivers Systems listened to our special needs, they’ve made them happen.”

Ken Revenaugh
Senior Vice President, Business Affairs
Missouri Baptist University

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“We have been registering online, now, for two years and it has made a world of difference in our community and freed up a tremendous amount of time in my office. I can’t even imagine doing paper registrations, again!”

Rebekah Pinchback
College Registrar
Rochester College

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Southern Vermont College

“Our staff has given CAMS a thorough review and it is clearly a superior solution to what we had and what we had been looking at. As a fully integrated system built around a single, secure MS SQL database, CAMS give us the reporting and analytics horsepower we need for close scrutiny of student data in real time.”

Jim Beckwith
Chief Operating Officer and Interim President
Southern Vermont College

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“I believe Three Rivers Systems is head and shoulders above most software vendors in terms of customer service and technology support. Not only do they respond to any issues or concerns we have, but they also invest in teaching the client along the way.”

Wilma Harris
University of the Ozarks

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