Disburse financial aid quickly and efficiently

CAMS Enterprise’s Financial Aid Module manages the full range of institutional aid programs – student loans, grants, and scholarship programs.

It provides complete financial aid management from the recruiting stages to enrollment, including academic progress tracking, automated rule-based packaging, importing and exporting capabilities, disbursements, and reporting.

This built-in, easy-to-use module automates routine tasks so that you can spend less time on paperwork and more time resolving issues and exceptions for students.

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 Mass apply Cost of Attendance budgets

  • Create queries against any field in the student database or on the ISIR to mass apply Cost of Attendance budgets.
  • Build budgets one time, then automatically assign to multiple students based on business rules.

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Built-in integration with COD and NSLDS

  • Export and import with COD using built-in integration tools.
  • Import Master Promissory Note (MPN) and Entrance Counseling from COD.
  • Import lifetime loan information provided by the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS).

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Never look at another individual ISIR with built-in automation

  • Automatically download students’ Institutional Student Information Records (ISIRs).
  • Automatically load document tracking items associated with specific ISIR values and automatically generate notices to students.
  • Add any student exceptions (e.g., no matching SSN) to a Prospect import batch for earlier recruitment.
  • Compare subsequent ISIR transactions to easily see updated fields.

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Automated award packaging

  • Mass auto-package student awards in priority order based on federal as well as unique institutional rules.
  • Automatically or manually make adjustments based on data conditions.
  • Automatically generate personalized award letters upon packaging.
  • Generate personalized award letters and emails upon packaging.
  • Easily manage work-study programs.

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Take advantage of integration with other CAMS modules

  • Eliminate the need for costly integration and support of proprietary Financial Aid processing software.
  • Integration with Student Billing and Registration means that as a student adds or drops classes, the billing and financial awards based on student load automatically adjusts.
  • No need to import data from multiple sources, student data is already easily accessible.
  • Avoid any duplication of awards across multiple systems.
  • Enable students to view and accept financial aid in real-time through the integrated portals for a more convenient experience.
  • Review student needs-analysis prepared by CAMS immediately upon budget assignment.
  • Already using EDE or PowerFAIDS? No problem, CAMS Enterprise interacts smoothly with both products.

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Stay in compliance with built-in and ad hoc reports

  • Conform to federal requirements using a host of pre-defined reports like FISAP.
  • SAP tool administers governmental and institutional rules, automatically applying SAP values to student status records.
  • Produce financial aid transcripts, FISAP reports, NLDS data and academic progress reports.
  • Track required financial aid documents and report on missing documents.
  • Standard reports include: FISAP, NSLC, IPEDS – financial aid related information, SAS (loan reports), Pell reconciliation (e.g., Pell at multiple institutions).
  • Build customized reports with our powerful Build Your Own Report feature.
  • "In four months we replaced four different campus systems with CAMS Enterprise and we gained new functionality in several other areas. Now we have one system and one vendor to operate our entire campus. CAMS Enterprise’s advanced Web-based technology conforms to the way we do business, while allowing us to offer services that were not possible with our previous vendor."

    - Jud Hicks, President - Frank Phillips College

  • "CAMS Enterprise has revolutionized our operations. Having one administrative system with all of our information integrated in a single, secure database shared by all departments saves us thousands of hours of staff time each year. CAMS has repaid our investment with tremendous gains in productivity and ROI."

    - Shawn Haghighi, CIO - Lindenwood University

  • "Our incumbent solution was difficult for new employees to use and locked us into expensive upgrades for the system. With CAMS, we now have a fully integrated Web-based system with wide-ranging functionality that meets our current and future needs."

    - Jaime Klein, Director of Information Technology, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College