Eliminate the expenses and worries of IT infrastructure with CAMS Cloud, a SaaS higher education ERP

You need a modern academic ERP to manage your institution’s operations effectively, but assembling the resources and budget to do that can be a challenging proposition.

CAMS Cloud, Three Rivers Systems’ software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, eliminates all the unnecessary expenses and worries of operating an IT infrastructure and frees up your resources to deliver on your institution’s vision. Safe and secure, the cloud delivers unprecedented computing-power services over the Internet via shared resources, just as a utility delivers power over the electricity grid. The CAMS Cloud solution enables you to access our more than 25 years of higher education expertise, infrastructure, tools and processes for managing our fully integrated CAMS Enterprise solution.

Relieve internal staffing challenges

With a SaaS higher ed ERP system, you can offload the challenges of assembling and maintaining internal staff for your administrative system, freeing resources to focus on institutional effectiveness. We also assume responsibility for ensuring CAMS Cloud is up-to-date so you can adopt new software features as soon as they are released. This lets you realize maximum value from your investment because students, faculty and staff all benefit from new features as soon as they are available.

Reduce your up-front cost

With this model, you can opt for a regular subscription payment instead of an up-front capital, licensing and maintenance expenses. CAMS Cloud offers complete CAMS ERP functionality — a fully integrated, comprehensive suite of modules that’s as easy to use as any Web application — while transferring to us the work of buying and managing the infrastructure necessary to support CAMS. So you get great service and even greater peace of mind.

Lower your operational risk

CAMS Cloud lowers your operational risk because our hosting infrastructure resolves problems before you are affected. CAMS Cloud provides offsite hosting and complete administration of our full CAMS Enterprise ERP application and supporting infrastructure. This includes the procurement, provisioning, administration and monitoring of all network and hardware infrastructure and operating system, database and application software. Our ERP management and data center expertise along with our business continuity capabilities mean you get performance and reliability while lowering your operational costs and risk.

A natural SaaS extension of CAMS Enterprise

Unlike legacy-architecture systems that are retrofitted as cloud offerings, CAMS Cloud is a natural SaaS extension of CAMS Enterprise, the fully integrated, Web-native academic ERP built from the ground up around the latest Microsoft Internet technology. CAMS Enterprise users have always enjoyed the fastest, easiest implementation of any ERP as well as unmatched ease of use, scalability, total cost of ownership and return on investment. Now all these great benefits are even more affordable and easier to access for everyone.

  • "In four months we replaced four different campus systems with CAMS Enterprise and we gained new functionality in several other areas. Now we have one system and one vendor to operate our entire campus. CAMS Enterprise’s advanced Web-based technology conforms to the way we do business, while allowing us to offer services that were not possible with our previous vendor."

    - Jud Hicks, President - Frank Phillips College

  • "CAMS Enterprise has revolutionized our operations. Having one administrative system with all of our information integrated in a single, secure database shared by all departments saves us thousands of hours of staff time each year. CAMS has repaid our investment with tremendous gains in productivity and ROI."

    - Shawn Haghighi, CIO - Lindenwood University

  • "Our incumbent solution was difficult for new employees to use and locked us into expensive upgrades for the system. With CAMS, we now have a fully integrated Web-based system with wide-ranging functionality that meets our current and future needs."

    - Jaime Klein, Director of Information Technology, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College