Gain insights and make data-driven decisions with built-in Business Analytics

Today’s higher-education institutions have more data than ever, more decisions to make, and the need to ensure productivity and continual mission focus.

Business Analytics for Higher Education Unfortunately, accessing and reporting of critical operational data can be a difficult challenge for your institution. Users are often confronted with complex report-writing software and data spread across multiple databases, making it difficult to do their jobs. Users can become heavily dependent on IT departments just to get information out of the system.

In contrast, CAMS Enterprise Business Analytics enables timely access to precisely the on-demand data that users need in attractive and easy-to-use dashboards that simplify the strategic decision-making process. With point-and-click reporting simplicity, CAMS makes the right data available to the right people at the right time. And thanks to its seamless integration with CAMS Enterprise, Business Analytics can be deployed quickly and easily without disrupting your campus operations, providing a secure, streamlined flow of actionable information from the database to the desktop.

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Drive insights at all levels: strategic, analytical and operational

  • Set and communicate institutional strategy and transform it into measurable metrics to drive institution-wide performance.
  • Use analytical dashboards to understand problems, identify trends, and uncover opportunities.
  • Empower staff to make informed decisions with real-time detail information from operational systems.

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Visual dashboards of key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Attention-getting visualizations of key data for admissions, enrollment management, retention, classroom usage, student success tracking and more.
  • See the big picture and also drill down into the underlying details for just the level of granularity needed.
  • Robust analytics framework built with all Microsoft technology enables the creation of new dashboards and expansion of the solution’s capabilities.

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Built-in standard reports

  • A complete collection of built-in reports covering the full student lifecycle, from schedules and billing statements to grade cards and transcripts.
  • Ready to go out of the box, enabling your staff to provide information and services immediately.
  • Architecture easily supports supplemental client-centric reports designed for your unique institutional needs. New reports can be created and existing reports modified so everything is automatically preserved.

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Flexible build your own reporting

  • Build Your Own Reports tool provides an easy-to-use, point-and-click interface for your end users. Simply select the data you need from lists of parameters and generate new reports that meet your specific requirements.
  • Support for easily merging data with Microsoft Office products or exporting data into a variety of standard formats including PDF, XLS, XML and more.
  • Reports that used to take weeks to produce are now completed in minutes.

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Powerful ad-hoc query tool

  • Allows users with proper permission to pull data from across the entire database.
  • Provides access to all your data, enabling comprehensive insight into your institution.
  • An especially useful tool for institutional researchers and for answering special questions.
  • "In four months we replaced four different campus systems with CAMS Enterprise and we gained new functionality in several other areas. Now we have one system and one vendor to operate our entire campus. CAMS Enterprise’s advanced Web-based technology conforms to the way we do business, while allowing us to offer services that were not possible with our previous vendor."

    - Jud Hicks, President - Frank Phillips College

  • "CAMS Enterprise has revolutionized our operations. Having one administrative system with all of our information integrated in a single, secure database shared by all departments saves us thousands of hours of staff time each year. CAMS has repaid our investment with tremendous gains in productivity and ROI."

    - Shawn Haghighi, CIO - Lindenwood University

  • "Our incumbent solution was difficult for new employees to use and locked us into expensive upgrades for the system. With CAMS, we now have a fully integrated Web-based system with wide-ranging functionality that meets our current and future needs."

    - Jaime Klein, Director of Information Technology, Southwest Wisconsin Technical College